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Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday, 23 November 2012

Not dead yet! NYE 2012!

If the world does not implode/explode we're doing this!

Tickets are on sale here.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Knife Cutter + Satans Mineons Euro Tour Summer 2012

Here's the full updated list (poster has some tbcs..)

Friday 22nd June - Music City - Antwerp - BE

Saturday 23rd June - Tonne - Hamburg - DE

Sunday 24th June - Cafe Mukkes - Leeuwarden - NL

Monday 25th June - Sub071 - Leiden - NL

Tuesday 26th June - Hall of Fame Skatepark - Tilberg - NL

Wednesday 27th June - The Rocker - Hannover - DE

Thursday 28th June - Free Blues Club - Szezecin - PL

Friday 29th June - RAMPA - Goleniow - PL

Saturday 30th June - Cafe Absinthe - GdaƄsk - PL

Sunday 1st July - Eufemia – Warsaw - PL

Monday 2nd July - Club NRD - Torun - PL

Tuesday 3rd July - TBC - Kielce - PL

Wednesday 4th July - Imbir Klub - Krakow - PL

Thursday 5th July - Bounty Rock Cafe - Olomouc - CZ

Friday 6th July - Szefra - Budapest - HU

Saturday 7th July - R33 - Budapest - HU

Sunday 8th July - British Rock Stars - Bratislava - SK

Monday 9th July - Street Party - Vienna - AU

Tuesday 10th July - Havlickovo Square - Havlickuv Brod - CZ

Wednesday 11th July - Rocas - Luxembourg - LU

Thursday 12th July - Wild Rover - Aachen - DE

Friday 13th July - Bliksem - Den Helder - NL

Saturday 14th July - Boothill Saloon - Utrecht - NL

Come on down Europe!

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Human Targets Euro 2012


So whilst we are busy with The Wickets (2012 dates announced soon!) myself and Dave are heading off round Holland and Germany with The Human Targets, playing drums and bass respectively. Respect!


24 May - Thursday - WARM UP! South Sea Live - Sheffield - UK

26 May - Saturday - The Rambler, Eindhoven - NL

27 May - Sunday - Cafe Rock de Engels, Den Helder - NL

28 May - Monday - TBC

29 May - Tuesday - Wild Rover, Aachen - DE

30 May - Wednesday - Tonne, Hamburg - DE

31 May -Thursday - TBC - Herleen - NL

1 June - Friday - Cafe Mukkes, Leeuwarden - NL

2 June - Saturday - Huize Spoorloos, Emmen - NL

Saturday, 11 February 2012

2012! We're not dead yet!

Hey, just checking in with an update to let anyone out there know we're still kicking.

End of 2011 saw us have to relocate our storage/rehearsal space and saw Knife Cutter go off around Europe for a bit.
We rounded off the year with a gig playing Nirvana's Nevermind in it's entirity as a birthday gift to our friend Mix-Up (and a treat for ourselves)
It was a blast.

But then we realised we didn't have any new music that we'd written ourselves in over a year that we didn't find re-hashed, forced or boring. So, we figured that's the most important part of being in a band and enjoying being in a band.

So since the tail end of 2011 we've not played a single gig but have now written at least 10 new tracks that collectively we're incredibly proud of and excited about. For now we're just carrying on doing that. Writing music. Concentrating on making music that takes us to new places and we're all digging.

Does this all sound like horseshit? Basically we got burnt out. We were not rocking hard enough.
Now we're getting back there!

OK, we'll be gigging again at some point in 2012.
James+Dan continue to take Knife Cutter to new places, Dave continues to fight the good fight in The Human Targets and the second we book our first gig it's going to be well worth heading out for!

In the meantime check out us being Nirvana:

And some fun had as Knife Cutter: